Our hospital is 45 years of establishment at the location of 2 minutes on foot from the TAKESHITA exit of JR HRAJUKU Station, which is an orthodontic specialist clinic by the Japanese Orthodontic Institute specialist, guidance physician, accrediting physician. We have made efforts to promote the health of the engagement of many patients and the beauty of the mouth.

We believe in reliability and reliability from many experiences and achievements, we are doing orthodontic treatment with high reliability and satisfaction.

Both the change of the times in the information society of recent years, the content of orthodontic treatment has also diversified to the extreme. At our clinic, we provide patients with uncompromised treatment results without losing sight of the origin of dentistry as orthodontic treatment that remains unchanged in any age.

It is "our concept" of our hospital.
Quality: "Uncompromising treatment goals and results with reliable technology"
Responsibility: "Responsibility for orthodontic treatment in dentistry"
Hospitality: "Compassion as a medical person from the heart"
Relationship: "A reliable relationship of trust with you"
At our hospital, in addition to our reliable treatment methods, we actively incorporate progressive therapeutic technologies to respond to the various needs of every single patient, and to respond with pride and responsibility I will do. We will provide you with orthodontic treatment of relief and trust from experience and achievement.

In addition, the hospital has been certified as an orthodontic diagnosis / mandibular oral cavity diagnostic facility by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, is a designated institution of medical support for persons with disabilities self-reliance (nurturing medicine / rehabilitation medicine), clinical training of the Japanese Orthodontic Institute I have been designated by the designated organization. Based on these institutional standards, we also conduct orthodontic treatment using health insurance for congenital diseases affecting jaw deformity, lip cleft palate cleft, maxillofacial face.

I think that everyone who wants to correct orthodontic treatment has various expectations, doubts and anxiety. We will inform you as much as possible to the knowledge of corrective treatment, resolve the doubts and worries, and explain carefully so that you can feel relieved and convinced. Please feel free to consult us first. All the staff are waiting for everyone's visit with a smile.


Clinic Informations

All of our orthodontists have achieved the highest certification from the Japan Orthodontics Society. We apply our wealth of knowledge and experience to treat every kind of case, even the most difficult. We provide treatment that meets American Board of Orthodontics and Japanese Orthodontics Society standards, leading to high quality results. After treating over 5,000 patients in the 45+ years after the founding of our clinic, we can guarantee professional and positive management. As of 2018, there are nearly 10,000 orthodontic clinics in Japan, but only 300 practitioners with advanced certifications. Our clinic has two doctors with the certification, along 4 other highly qualified doctors. In addition, "the authorized medicine" that I learned in Tokyo Medical and Dental College school of dentistry correction department of four people is registered.

45 to 60 minutes | 3,000 yen excluding tax | Appointment required
Telephone reservation 03-6447-0455



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院長 尾崎



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日本臨床矯正歯科医会 神奈川大会に参加してまいりました。矯正歯科の専門開業医による学会です。様々な矯正歯科医の先生方と意見交換することができました。

院長が東京医科歯科大学 咬合機能矯正学分野での講演のため、11月16日(金)は休診日となっております。


院長が日本矯正歯科学会 学術大会に参加のため、10月30日(火)と11月1日(木)の午前の診察は休診となっております。午後からの診察は行っておりますので、ご予約などに関しましては受付までお電話でご確認ください。