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For healthy and comfortable, better life.

Orthodontic treatment is dentistry that improves tooth alignment, engagement, skeleton and outline of the jaw. Besides the beauty of appearance, mouth is a part related to important communication with society such as meal, conversation, and laughing. I think that orthodontic treatment will be of great help to everyone's healthy and comfortable better life. This page is an introduction guide to explain correct knowledge and information to those who are thinking of orthodontic treatment for the first time in an easy-to-understand manner. Regarding specific explanation of treatment according to the person 's symptoms and circumstances, if you needed, please take the reservation for our initial consultation at our clinic.

Ideal Orthodontic Treatment

IMG:Ideal Orthodontic Treatment

We believe that these five factors are achieved in a well-balanced way.
Furthermore, we try to establish not only well balanced occlusion, but also leaves the teeth as much as possible.


What you can get with orthodontic treatment


Beautiful and stable tooth alignment leads to improvement of self-confidence and self-esteem, and it will be a very big plus for that bright forward-looking life.

Risk that can be alleviated by treatment

  • Risk of dental caries · gingivitis · periodontal disease
  • Inappropriate engagement
  • Pronunciation failure
  • Disorders of teeth and Jaw Joints health


Tooth alignment · occlusion · face symptoms

IMG:There are symptoms of that person and orthodontic treatment according to your request.

There are symptoms of that person and orthodontic treatment according to your request.

In general, there is a remedy for each symptom, regardless of the tooth alignment. There is no need to give up on orthodontic treatment for any symptoms. It is important to establish the best policy among the possible treatments and treatment policies.


Age and timing to start


Please come and see us once in 7 ~ 8 year olds. (However, it may be necessary to treat from 5 to 6 years old rarely.) By looking at the situation in the mouth and the state of growth from this time, it is possible to perform orthodontic treatment at the best timing I will.

Teenagers 〜 Adults

It is the time when yourself seems to want "to straighten" when it starts. Orthodontic treatment is also possible for people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. There are various treatments according to your convenience / demands.

In our hospital, we carefully talk about the personality of that person and the policy and way of thinking of the family, and explain the best treatment start time and contents based on many experiences and achievements.


Choices of treatment ways and brace types

Treatment flow · duration

IMG:Treatment flow · duration

Before treatment

  • First consultation 45 to 60 minutes
  • Precise inspection of photograph, tooth form, X-rays etc 60 minutes
  • Determination and explanation of treatment policy 30 to 60 minutes

Treatment start 〜 regular visit

  • Adjustment of orthodontic equipment · Cleaning teeth 30 〜 60 minutes | Visit about once a month | 1.5 〜 3 years

After treatment

  • After-care / aftercare 30 to 60 minutes | Visit once every 3 to 6 months | About 2 years

The treatment period varies depending on the symptoms and the treatment contents, but in general, it is around 2 years on average for adults, and about 3 years at most if tooth movement is necessary.

In the case of pediatric correction (orthodontic treatment to prepare a child's jaw), it takes about 1 to 2 years, and if you arrange the permanent tooth alignment after that, it will be necessary for another two years or so.


Life, support, after-care during treatment

What will happen to brush and meal when orthodontic treatment begins? I guess I'm worried. On the "Life, Meals, Toothbrushing" page, it describes what is different from everyday life and that it becomes a guide for life during correction.

Also, at our hospital, we are doing corrective support in a fully-organized system so that patients can be treated with peace of mind.

And after careful beautiful tooth alignment, we care about after-care carefully so that the alignment of the teeth does not get disturbed and it will last steadily.

IMG:Support and troubleshooting during correction

Support and troubleshooting during correction

Our clinic has established a system to handle sudden troubles, dealing with unexpected situations, and prevention beforehand. All of our staff spare no effort in order to make the patient comfortably complete the orthodontic treatment and obtain good treatment results.



Aftercare (Retention · recall)

Although it took corrective treatment over a long period of time, cost, and effort, the tooth alignment may not be stabilized and it may be disturbed again. As it is not such a thing, by regularly checking "Is there any problem with the alignment of teeth and engagement stability?" "Tooth decay, periodontal disease, temporomandibular disorder, etc." Early detection and early treatment before bigger becomes possible becomes possible.


Consultation · Counseling

IMG:Consultation · Counseling

There are many people who are suffering for years because they want to cure, but also those who can not take the first step as quickly as possible. In order to eliminate various anxiety, doubt and worry, acquire correct knowledge of orthodontic dental treatment suitable for the person's symptoms and circumstances, and to take a first step to walk a better life, Please use consultation. The certified doctor / specialist will be in charge of consultation.

I'm sure I will resolve my problems and anxiety all at once and I think that I will approach the answer as to whether or not I need orthodontic treatment for myself.

At first visit consultation, I actually see your mouth and listen to requests and concerns, we will respond to consultation.

20 to 30 minutes | 3,300 yen including tax | Appointment required
Telephone reservation 03-6447-0455